2018 Competition Calendar

Please find attached the Shetland AAC Competition Calendar for 2018.


As you can see, we are in for a busy year!


I would ask that you all note the changes that have been made this year:


  • Friday Night Series
    • We have maintained the series as a Friday competition, however in response to suggestions that we have received, we have ensured that the events are fortnightly and not stacked back to back.  This will help to ensure that athletes have the time to practice the events in training prior to the competition night.
    • Hammer and Discus – athletes will not be permitted to throw unless they have been coached in how to throw these implements.  This rule will be applied strictly this year and no exceptions will be made.  Athletes interested in competing must contact me to arrange to have coaching prior to the event and my contact number is at the bottom of the calendar.
    • In order to increase efficiency on competition nights, we are asking all U13, U15 and U17+ to withdraw from the events by the Monday of the week containing the Friday Night Series event.  This will allow us to carry out lane draws and seeding before the night and this will allow things to run smoothly and finish earlier.


  • There are two additional competitions for those who are U17 and above, termed Competition Selection Trials, this year.  These events are to enable the older athletes to have the same number of performance possibilities as the younger athletes when chasing selection for a particular competition.  Athletes who are U17 and above should advise their Coach which event(s) they would like to have included in the competition by the deadline date shown on the calendar.


Selection standards will be in place again this year for the North District Championships, the Scottish Schools and the Scottish Age Group Championships – these will be made available on the website as soon as possible to allow athletes to establish their season targets.


Officials and parents will be contacted shortly to ensure we have the correct level of coverage to stage the home competitions.  You are all essential in helping the Club provide competitive opportunities for our athletes and I would ask that you give as much time as possible to competition duties – we simply cannot develop the athletes through competitions and recognise their achievements without you and your involvement will be much appreciated.

If you have any questions or queries on the calendar, please let me know.

Many thanks