Joining Shetland AAC

If you would like to join Shetland AAC and become an active member you should do the following;

Either use the Contact form to make an initial enquiry OR contact Zoe Anderson, Membership Secretary at

Under 11's

For those wishing to join the Under 11's  , your child's details will be taken and placed on the waiting list. When places become available, you will be contacted and we will arrange an Induction. The Induction will be over a four week period and cost £10. At the first session, the young person will take part in the training session whilst the parents/carers will go through their own Induction with Club Officials. Here we will cover all the administrative details about being a Club member (training times, competition, long term athlete development, behaviour, athlete/parent or carer/coaches expectations, membership fees, volunteering etc.). The youngster will then train  for a further 3 weeks

At the end of the 4 week period, if your child would like to join, we will meet again and finish the membership process by completing membership forms, filling in Bank Mandates and reviewing the Codes of Conduct. It is important that youngsters are committed to the ethos of the Club which is based around hard work and enjoyment.

Under 13's and Under 15's

 Contact should be made with the Membership Secretary and details will be taken. Once the Coaches have been contacted to see if there is space an invitation will be made to attend a session. For Under 13 and Under 15 athletes this is also a 4 week process, training twice a week. This will cost £20. Like the Under 11's section, if the young person then wishes to join the Club, the administrative details will be completed at this point.

Under 17, Under 20 and Senior Section

We operate an 'open door' policy for this group. Contact can be made through all the normal channels. Seniors train up to 3 times a week and for the initial 4 week period, we would ask you pay £20. If you enjoy the challenges of training and would like to join, we will then complete the administrative neccessities. In this group, you can train generally or focus on a particular event area.


For all groups, we encourage participation in as many competitions as possible, from local Friday night meets to regional and national events if selected. Selection for most events off island will be determined in most cases by achieving qualification standards.

Leaving the Club 

People move on for various reasons. We would ask that if you or your child leaves the Club, that you fill in the appropriate 'Leaving The Club' form and send it to the Membership Secretary. It is important to us, particularly in the Under 11, 13 and 15 sections, that spaces that become available are offered to those on the waiting list